Recycling at Home” is an ambitious, innovative, pioneer initiative supported by the European Programme “LIFE+”, setting as its key objective the enhancement of the sustainable management of municipal solid wastes through the promotion and adoption of recycle, reduce and reuse practices by households! Moreover, this project aims to minimize the volume of domestic recyclable wastes based on the change of eco-habits and behaviors of the participating households. 

This project focuses on the design, construction and operation of a innovative pilot home recycling system for the separation and volume minimization of paper, metal and plastic household waste.

Expected results and achievements regarding Recycling@Home project:

  • Better selection at source of the quantities of household recyclable materials
  • Better recovery of the useful materials contained in household wastes
  • Achievement of higher recycling percentages per house
  • Decrease of the waste management’s costs undertaken by the Municipalities
  • Decrease of the quantity of wastes disposed in landfills
  • Upgrade waste into commodity by producing high quality recovered materials of commercial value.


  • Municipal Development Company of Amaroussion [Co-ordinating Beneficiary]
  • National Technological University of Athens–School of Chemical Engineering
  • Municipality of Mandras-Eidyllias
  • Εnvireco Consulting S.A.

Financial Figures

Total project budget: 1.121.792 €

EU financial contribution :560.896 €

Project website

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