The laboratory of Unit of Environmental Science and Technology is located in the premises of the the School of Chemical Engineers, NTUA.   
The main devices used in the laboratory are:
  1.  pH-conductivity meter
  2. Pipette 100-1000μL
  3. Magnetic stirring hotplate
  4. Heidolph mechanical stirrer
  5. BOD5 apparatus
  6. Electronic balance (0.01g)
  7. Electronic balance (0.001g)
  8. COD reactor (Temperature control system)
  9. O2 meter
  10. Water bath
  11. Centrifuge
  12. Fan Oven Temp. Max=250oC
  13. Oven Temp. Max=220oC
  14. Digesdahl Digesdahl Digestion Apparatus
  15. Peristaltic pump (Driver - Head)
  16. Electron Hygro-Therm. meter
  17. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer [Perkin Elmer 2380]
  18. UV-VIS [U-2001]
  19. Gas Chromatography / Varian Star-3400cx / Tekmar 6000
  20. Filtration apparatus (Vacuum/Pressure pump Glass Filter Holder, 47mm)
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